I need some help

Ok so, I want to do the Alpha Test 4, But when I try to login right now into the latest launcher, it says my account is not authorized to access the alpha test, please help!

It doesn’t look like you have purchased alpha access (Epic Founder) or if you have it isn’t linked to your Orbus account. If it were you would have a little Epic Founder description beside your username like my Inner Circle description.

If you haven’t purchased the game and alpha access yet you can do so at your account page. https://orbusvr.com/account

If you have purchased the game and alpha access, but it hasn’t been linked to your Orbus account you’ll need to contact Riley.


Hello everyone.

I missed the Alpha Test 4… I am really sad about that. :c
Oh well, maybe next time. :slight_smile:

Before the alpha had started I fought the same Issue like Eian_E and of course I do now too.

So my question is as someone who just bought the Alpha Access, can I download and update the Client ony when the alpha is about to start or before/after that too?

Thank you very much.

There’s still about 24 hours left for Alpha Test 4. You can download the launcher anytime and update, it’s just that the game is only online at certain times right now. But it is online right now! :slight_smile:

Thank you, I tried to log in yesterday a couple of times, but the message “Your account does not currently have access to the Alpha Test” never dissapeared. :frowning:

Hey @Chijin_V, it looks like you are a “Founder” and not an “Epic Founder” are you sure you paid for alpha access and not just beta access?

Oh wow, I was sure I bought the Epic Founder Pack, but I did not.
Thank you, this was the answer!

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It’s not too late, I believe: Backing the Game after Kickstarter