I want to be able to log in again

Hello I’m writing this from an old account that I used to play this back on 2018. Thing is I bought this game on the quest 2 and I have been playing with a different account, then I wanted to play on steam VR but it just logs in to this old account and I can’t play with the account I have now. Not even deleting the game worked since it just automatically logged me in to this account again I just want to be able to log in again so I can play with my new account on my PC. I read some posts here or on reddit from this happening on the past and I hope it is possible for me to be able to log in again since I don’t want to re buy this game again on the oculus store on my PC or on another steam account



Orbus has cross buy on the oculus store so you wont have to buy it again on oculus if you use the same oculus account as on your quest 2.

The devs can unlink your old account from your steam account, @Mathieu_D should be able to help you with that if you wish. However since you can play the oculus version on PC without buying it again you might want to consider keeping your old account linked to your steam account, that way you have 2 extra alt accounts available which can be handy and you keep whatever progress you had when you played back in old game.

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You are right. I better just play from the oculus app and keep the other account just in case so I’ll better will do that. Thanks

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