I would love to see a way to draw a spell for someone else to copy

I don’t know how hard this would be to setup. But I would love to see a way to trace a spell someone else has drawn. I was thinking this could be something in alchemy perhaps? What happens is you consume this potion, and then the lines for the next spell you cast will stay in the air and be visible to all until you cast another spell. I think it would be a great way to be able to teach other people in the game how to cast a spell, and might be particularly important when we get to higher tier spells that are 3 dimensional.

I don’t think you’d want it to be too expensive, just something that you could put together quite easily to let someone trace out what you do. Could also be a good tool for analysing why a spell didn’t work, you could walk around the side of it, and see if there were any lines that were bent.

The potential downside is it would allow you to learn spells very early if you have an experienced runemage to show you. I think you either have to make a requirement for the spell to work (i.e. you have to have completed the first dungeon). Or you rely on the difficulty of the spell to stop people casting it until they are experienced. I can see arguments both ways.

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perhaps if there were class specific sections of the tutorial it may show us, either way- we’ll see this upcoming alpha test