Ice Lance hit consistency

I searched the forum and didn’t find anything on this.

I can cast Ice Lance fine, but how often it will actually hit the target is another story. Sometimes it seems they can be a good distance away (almost a level 3 fireball/frostbolt range) and it will hit. Other times the enemy is right up in my face and it will not hit. I’ve died a couple of times to this and its frustrating to say the least. I’ve tried alternating the angle if it was an enemy that seems to have a smaller hit box (spiders, wolves, etc.) and it just seems sometimes it will not register. Is there a trick to actually get the spell to hit all the time?

More info: This is usually when I’m soloing (no one in my way blocking the spell), I’m not freaking out because I’m getting hit. Sometimes holding the wand in the same spot at the same angle will hit when a previous cast did not. There isn’t any lag that I’m noticing, graphical or otherwise. I can run the game on ultra fine but leave it on standard so it shouldn’t be a graphical issue.

I’ve only had this issue if there’s a little bit of lag, or if I aim too high and shoot over the wolf

I don’t think obstacles are a problem. I’m pretty sure it pierces through everything in a line.

I haven’t had too many issues hitting things that are close, but when you’re trying to hit things at max range, it can be difficult. I try to hold my wand towards my center and at/above chest height. Kind of like if you were firing a gun. If you fire from the hip, it’s a lot harder to be accurate. It seems a good deal of the shorter mobs won’t actually be hit if you hit them straight on in the face, and you need to aim a bit lower (spiders and such).

I think the lance itself is a lot more narrow and longer than it appears graphically. So it’s easy to miss over somethings shoulder and have it look like a hit.

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