I'd like to see an In-game Stat Page

I really want to see a way to get quick, concrete numbers on things like Monsters Killed, Critters Captured, Missions complete, and Loot Bags picked up in game. It’d help people working towards achievements get solid numbers for checking progress, and it’d also just be a good way to check what activities you do the most/best other than guess work.

You mean like this? :upside_down_face:

It’s 3rd party, but the Armory does host a lot of that info. The site takes a bit of time to load - be patient. :upside_down_face:

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Armory doesn’t load on my phone either

And I don’t have a computer

And it doesn’t load in the Quest browser

Thus, in game statistics.

Not to mention an official in game stat page would be quicker and easier to check than the armory

I’ve been playing since fall of 2019, I’m well aware of the armory. It does t work on my devices though, and it’s rather inconvenient to check mid game.

Having to check a third party, out of VR app just to see basic information is incredibly inconvenient, even if you have a device that it loads on.

All the data is also available plain-text in your browser. I just can’t remember the link…

That still has a huge issue with convenience. Maybe in flat screen games using your browser to access basic information is fine, but in a VR game, that isn’t all that easy.

Even Minecraft has an easy to access in game statistics page.

Does this work on oculus bought orbus?

Yes the armory does work on oculus bought Orbusvr, just go to OrbusVR Armory , type in your ingame player name in the searchbar, and it will come up with your player. From there, click rankings and wait for a couple of seconds. Then it will show up with all your ingame stats (Monsters killed, Dungeons completed, etc.)

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