Idea for new lore books

One of the best way to share lore with the player is through the lore books because they are a rereadable and completely optional part of the game and we need more of them. The suggestions I have are: Markos’s diary (this can talk about what it was like being under sephoteps mind control), Nodenghasts book (the current best way to learn about nodenghast current is Nodenghasts song but it is pretty hard to follow for your average reader so a book that clears things up and is easier to follow would be amazing), a book going over the 20 years we were gone in like a series that can just summarize everything, currently with the different parts of the 20 years we were gone being in so many different books it a bit hard to follow (also some of the books contradict each other but I’ll make a separate topic for that), lastly sephoteps diary the game speaks of it but it’s not in the game and I want to read it


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