Ideas a. mechanics for a blacksmith class


Please introduce a blacksmith class to OrbusVR Reborn. Now would be the perfect time to introduce one. I worked out a system/ the mechanics of how the blacksmith profession could work. The time of the making of tool solely depends on the speed and talent of the blacksmith. There is no click and wait! All the steps consist of gestures. This is just an idea how you guys could implement it. I believe that you’d could make this profession totally worthwhile. It’s not professionally done (I’m 17years old). If something can’t be read feel free to ask.
If not is there a specific reason for not wanting a blacksmith class? Also in many online gamers also expressed that they want a blacksmith profession

Remarks to the system & further ideas:

  • every weapon has/gets the following attributes: speed, strength(attack damage), health and weight

  • material decides the fixed stats (how many points are available from the weapon to enhance)

  • material decides form and texture of the final product (the weapon)

  • color of the weapon can be normally changed

  • Dungeons etc. would give materials and good weapons (but not way better than a forged one)

  • A high leveled blacksmith can encrave names/words on weapon and can signature it. (This is being done with the keyboard)

  • Only blacksmith sees the menus while working on a weapon

  • stats from the enhancement can be redone or removed only by the same blacksmith. These would cost dram or something. If removed other blacksmiths can enhance the weapon

  • the final weapon (the end product) is soulbound

  • Outfit of a blacksmiths would be:
    • gloves (activates class + buffs)
    • apron (buffs)
    • opt. mask (buffs)


that would be so cool i would be doing that alot for my guild if the weapons were trable after crafting it

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Just wanted to point out that I’m impressed with the level of detail you put into this post. Some will just say add a blacksmith class, you drew a possibility out very clearly. Regardless if it ever gets added, that’s a very good way to get a developer’s attention.


Guild trading for weapons would be so cool. But its just my stuff so I will just stick to shard gear.

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  1. Speed: How is this possible in VR, we are using it in real life with our arms so a speed stat makes no sense unless it is movement speed. Health also does not make sense, weapons do not break but gear does. Just repair it. Weight will always be 1, I am not going to carry around a 12 weight sword even if it is good.
  2. People will farm and trade the best mats for the best fixed stats which won’t surpass perfect secondary drops
  3. Cool but because its also for stats all gear will look the same in materials.
  4. Cool idea and would be good to see
  5. If dungeons drop the mats needed to exceed T10 gear because forged is better, for most classes why not skip the shard process and just trade for mats to get it. People will do the content, others would just buy the stuff needed and make the stuff with no shard experience. Craft gear really should not ever be better than drops from end game content, it would lead to skipping end game content due to the gear being worthless, I can just buy the stuff I need to make the gear, skipping lower level end game content.
  6. This could be hard to implement and could lead to a lot of TOS breaking with names. Not to mention characters that can’t be displayed could be used and create an error.
  7. Makes sense.
  8. But as you say later gear is soulbound. This means that the blacksmith will always be the player using the gear. Meaning this is meaningless unless the gear is not soulbound. In that case what if the person who made your gear leaves the game forever then you cannot remove or add any other enhancements. A dram requirement does not work as it should be a price agreement between the player and the blacksmith.
  9. Again this makes little sense with your last point. It would be cool to trade this gear with others.
  10. Good use of armor for buffs like the fishing gear

i like this alot, seems like it could be alot of fun
Richleth makes many fair points though


Thank you for your detailed comment. I understand what you mean with many points. Obviously those have to be redone. With my plan I just wanted to give an idea how it could be done sort of. I know that many things have to be tweaked. However if we’d sort everything out, would you say that a blacksmith profession makes sense and that it fits the theme?


It would be cool to see and everything. It just needs to be tweaked a bit in few regards like what I said. I would love to see these things in game though.


It fit perfect and would be awesome

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While not quite a blacksmith, the Tinkerer profession was promised in the first content patch. The one with the raids and whatnot. I’m not sure if this is still the plan, but something to satisfy the crafting urge has been thrown around in the official blog, specifically on the last paragraph of


I’m unsure, but I believe “content patch one” may be a later patch, since it is promised “months” after Reborn drops and promises new dungeons.


also says a second raid, so definitely not the one with the first raid in a few weeks.


speed would work for everyone other than the warrior class. (decreasing cooldowns, or increase shot speed, or on rangers decrease the 1s timer for shots etc)

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Could give warriors cooldown on horn or on charge attack


Wow this is really well done, I want to see this.


This would be so amazing ! I love the alchemy and more professions would be great especially if you could somehow level them. Leather working or tailoring would also be great. This would give players a lot more stuff to do in later levels as well.

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