Ideas on how to improve sharding

So… From my 80 or so hours of playing so far, and reading from sources where @Riley_D has talked about how he wants shards to be something players don’t think about, I can say that nearly everyone I know has issues with the way shards are currently working.


  • Partying with people that you haven’t met in-game yet.
  • Partying with someone from your fellowship / friends list.
  • Wanting to trade with someone but you can’t find them because they are in a different shard.
    In those examples yes, you can use LFG and make a party that way and then rezone which is time consuming and annoying.

It could be fixed by having a Add friend button that lets you add a friend from anywhere and then party with them, and once the party is formed rezone the people that need to be rezoned automatically, EX. Call a function that switches shards when the party is formed so you don’t have to relog / go in your house and leave again, etc.

Also can fellowship members ALWAYS be on the same shard even when not partied?

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