Idk what category this goes in - my fellowship was deleted

My fellowship was deleted and the name was taken and I don’t know why. I got to the name before anyone else did after the update so therefore it was a first come, first serve scenario and I got it. I named my fellowship Knights of the Blood Oath because I love SAO to the point I had memorized every single known bosses move in SAO and tons of other things, so if anyone knows why it was deleted, can someone please let me know? I’m really pissed off about it since a lot of people were against me having it due to me getting to it first and it’s not right for someone to somehow delete the fellowship I made, no matter who they are. It’s not breaking any rules therefore it cant be deleted unless it’s for favoritism, which is wrong. I’m thinking about quitting the game and telling everyone I know that this game is all about favoritism if that is the case. And I know a lot of players, just saying. Plus, if the leader of the fellowship is not Reki Kawahara, then they cant legally use the name without permission.

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There’s no favoritism in the game, nobody will bother removing your guild unless it’s against the CoC.
Did you make the guild in the beta? If so, all progess were wiped including guilds.


Is there a chance that the weird glitch has occured where fellowship names are messing up? I haven’t heard of or seen that issue, but that’s my guess. You could try searching the armory via your character name and see if the guild pulls up while waiting on a dev. But also, there is no favoritism in the game. Perhaps in the future, don’t fling accusations without first assessing what has truly happened.

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Yea, if Laughing Coffin and Moonlit Black Cats are allowed their names, Knights of the Blood Oath would too. There’s a 32 character limit and Code of Conduct, but that’s less than 32. Sometimes there’s a glitch where people can’t see their fellowship on occasion and it gets manually fixed, but I’ve never heard of it happening to the guild leader. Shiki brings up a good point with the beta. So just clarifying, did you create it on or after April 23rd? If yes, how many members did you have? Are only you out, or everyone? When you say the name was taken, do you mean someone else established it with the same name?

I checked and for some reason you just got unlinked from it. Try logging out and back in and it should be fixed.


I did not make the guild during the beta, I made it after Reborn launched. I had 2 other members in it when I had it, but one of them cant check to see if they’re in it still or not and I don’t have contact with the other member.

And okay, thank you Riley! I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions, I have a bad habit of doing that. I appreciate your time and effort on looking into this.

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Welcome to Orbus. The game where you can’t assume its favoritism and instead you have to assume if it looks like something like this happened it is a glitch. There was at one point where you could perfectly do a potion’s recipe and have it fail, but then log out and retry and it works.

Though sidenote Orbus would have no reason to delete your guild, you have do do something really clearly against COC in terms of playing such as harassing players, racism, etc. There is a part of the COC which mentions that names are not to have sexual themes when a guild named Fourskin exsists. Its obvious but technically does not break COC so they are fine.

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