I'm disabling voice volume to 0. Here's why


Most interactions I get from new players or people in game voice is them calling me a hacker.
Now this can be flattering (It’s not for me edit: I put this in because a new player said this as a counter) but when it’s like 5+ people calling me a hacker (newer players who can blame them i suppose) versus maybe 1 player once in a blue moon actually asking for solid advice, it’s hard to see the point of keeping my in game voice volume on.

Being called hacker over and over it t feels like an insult. Feels insulting to me when all the hard work i’ve done is just regarded as using hacks/macros. I’ve already vented about this problem before to some of my peers a bit, but it’s become a bit clearer to me that the pros of having the volume on is outweighed by the cons as to how it makes me feel playing this game.

Also as a post mention:
I make a joke about the new influx of players: “Vrchatters”. They’re here for a short time to just check out a new “fad” of a game and say whatever they feel like with no filter. (because they feel like they will have no consequence for anything they do.) I call those vrchatters and they’re everywhere.

If you see Archive running around and I don’t answer you, I’m am not ignoring you, I have my in game voice volume turned off (So i cannot hear you), feel free to contact me via discord! ^^


I saw you couple of times these days and its amazing :+1:

People obviously don’t know yet that cheating in VR is hardly possible…you have to move your hand and draw a spell! I guess no Macro can help you there? (I’m no computer specialist and old, so maybe there is a way but I can hardly imagine)

A pity though!

So if you see Ozymandias in game maybe teach him the “D” for fireball 2 :innocent:


I totally expected this to be about the heavy breathing sweaty people who are just casually talking to a vendor.

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Me too lol … all this hacking blabla is either comin from kids who wanna be trolls (and there’s alot around lately with all the demo-users) or from players who got not enough clue of computers to even use the right terminology. Just ignore/mute those and done.

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Actually it would be quite easy to cheat the spell casting system, unfortunately.


Really :hushed:
…then don’t explain it here :grin:


I’m with Cody on this. Cheating a client side system is far from hard, and the shortcuts already cheese it quite a bit :-p


i would be in highstep casting spells someone ask my how i cast frost 3 and ask me to teach them i tell them i am practicing my frost 3 and im the wort teacher to ask :joy:


Even I get the whole “oh, he’s just using macros” bit as a caster, and I’m nowhere near top level… It’s ridiculous.

But mostly I’m just sad you won’t get to hear me running past you screaming about the bees or crop dusting you. Fun times, fun times…

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Sadly this will probably never changed. People love to claim that someone else is hacking to make themselves feel better about their current skill level, and this is something that exists in any game that requires skill / is competitive. Learn to ignore them.


HEY!! LET ME POKE U FOR GOOD LUCK! :star_struck:

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