Im new and need help to login not sure what to do

Im new to orbus and tried to login with the account I had to make but the game says my email or password is wrong. So i tried again after resetting my pc and quest as well as deleting and redownloading the game to same message. Am i doing something wrong or does anyone have sudgestions on what I should do cause I’m at a loss.

Did you check the email itself for confirmation that you created the account?

It never gave me a comfirmation for it but it says its created

You may have misstyped your password either when creating the account or, when signing in ingame.

I have the password saved on my pc and I remade my password 5 times or more and typed them in all the same way as my account

Working with OP in DMs, but if anyone has had a similar problem please let me know.


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