Im stuck in black screen

Was fishing last night with small tongue/eye lure at the bottom of kingsport graveyard waterfall on my lvl 7ish bard with a couple goldleaf/silverleaf cloth pieces equipped, logged out after a few extra fish when i beat the 5 sunfish quest. Tried to log in today for a bit more fishing but my screen is black on any character i log in on even after deleting a lvl 1 mage and making a lvl 0 musket, still black screen. I can see green outlines of my left hand only when i click the X button of my oculus quest controller, if i press my menu button i can hear it open and the options clicking around but have been unsuccessful resetting myself to graveyard. I walked around my room resetting my view a bunch no fix either.

Side note another bug on my bard is when i change my instrument orbs i have to reset to graveyard to get them to switch, and my drumsticks take 5+ seconds to load when i pull them out, multiple people have asked me how i got 2 sticks so i assume others have the same invisible sticks issue.

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