In-combat locomotion speed increase!

While running with locomotion outside of combat your speed stays equal with the teleportation speed. While in combat you slow to a crawl that’s almost too slow to be called a crawl. It is impossible to move outside of an enemy aoe attack in time without teleporting, and depending on the class you play, teleporting can be a big hassle, especially while using a front facing setup. You teleport and get turned around very easily, turning your body losing tracking and valuable time in a close fight. Please increase the in-combat locomotion movement speed to stay equal with that of the teleportation in-combat speed.

In all honesty, it’s not so much a suggestion as it is a needed fix.

P.S. The game is amazing! Keep up the good work!


You can press the grip button i Think to sprint in battle. i for one am pretty much front facing and im faster with teleportation then the sprint but to each their own.

Both tele and sprint use up stamina :slight_smile:

I had no idea I could do that, Thanks! I still suggest the default speed should be equal to teleportation and remove sprint, as outside of combat you’re technically sprinting by default anyway. It levels it all out and makes small position adjustments during combat at melee range do-able. E.g. when you charge an enemy as warrior and get stuck inside of them and need to move slightly but the crawl is too slow and you lose a chance at a combo or 2.

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I use teleport in combat as well. Moving forwards and grip isn’t so bad but going backwards and grip is just not easy for me. Therefore, TP it is. I don’t know why I can’t just press the vive pad button ups and downs to sprint. touch to walk, press to sprint. I guess you would have to disable the TP function but to me that would be best.

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Normal speed walking in combat would break musketeers. We can shoot and run in the opposite direction. I guess if it ate stamina and left you immobile for a moment that would work.

Yeah, it should still use stamina like you were sprinting, limiting how far you can move until stamina builds back up. If you continue to try and move you slow to that crawl.


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