In-game home key

do u need to keep the key in inventory for home access ? could the key be stored inside the chest in home…?

No currently if you leave your key in your house it will lock you out, but you can use the return to home teleportation device to get back in and retrieve your key. I will check the weight of the key and make sure it is set low so that it wont cause any additional weight though.

I haven’t done this (fortunately) but if you leave your key and your teleport device in your home chest, you are kinda hosed, right?

i think you just need to send support request to dev in that situation. no other options.

can you have multiple keys as in one for each house you buy like jungle home key or guild city home key and if not an Idea may be to do that and the ability set a default key for the home teleport like on the players settings menu or have a key slot added to the player menu.

What if you leave your key and teleport in your house chest? Are you SOL?

You can only purchase and own one house at a time, so you should only have the one key for the current house you own.

If for some reason you do all of that then we can manually move your charchter inside your playerhouse, but it might not be right away depending on what bugs were fixing at that moment. So theres no way you would ever be perma locked out of your house, but it wouldnt ever be a good idea to leave the house key or teleport device in your house as they weigh .01.

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