In-game player moderators

Sure! I’m actually moving right now but I’ll try to write up a message when I have a chance.

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@Scott That does makes sense.

I wish, but it’s very common unfortunately and usually happens to newer players and we see it every week, even sometimes multiple times. These players might not know or be able to really move away so the other player just stays in their personal space to harass them. Plus if they’re around highsteppe and the other player is persistent enough then it just makes them too uncomfortable to keep playing for that session.

Wow ok… but how about 2 options, a block/mute and a simple audio mute then… the latter would really be helpful, also in parties where it is done because of echos (Scott’s point) and any appearance change is just annoying in this case.

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Just happened to me not ten minutes ago as I was working on my Grinder device. Somebody else showed up and apparently didn’t like that I was already there, so they started body blocking my spells. It was kind of aggravating, but they ended up biting off more than they could chew and died from mob aggro.


there is also a way to mute everyone for 5 to 10 minuts i think, by holding the menu button down for a few seconds i use it a few times when in highstepp

Yeah, this is true and Ive seen it happen before. You can have your moderator tag in discord separate from the game, and you can always msg a dev anyway?

The Devs aren’t always around, which was what happened just a few days ago which is why I thought about this, they are unlikely going to be around at this time and probably for another 2-3 hours

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Maybe this is something they should hire someone for from the outside. There are far too many clicks and conflicts of interest as it is.

Most games, like wow, hire mods from the community anyway. Having to report any action taken usually keeps things more nice

Probably best would be the ability to summoning a invisible mod to observe, that can turn vissible, answer questions, and solve simple problems (reset position, unglitch enemies and such) as well as deal with problem people.

When I did it we had separet avatars for moding.

The mods cant be so involved with playing the game. They also would have to be fair and impartial. It would be easier to hire someone from outside imho.

The Discord mods have done a fantastic job of being fair and impartial despite being well known active players.


I really like the idea of changing the bodies of individuals when muted. There was a comment by one of the devs after an incident a couple years ago jokingly saying they should turn people into puppies when muted. Just the idea of changing the model to something less intimidating in general is good.

One thing I’ve noticed from some new players, is that they don’t know about the emergency mute. I turned off the tutorial signs a long time ago, so I can’t remember how that info is displayed. Making it more in-your-face the moment you log in for the first time might be useful. Annoying, but sometimes annoying helps make it stick!

i disagree with ingame moderation because if a user would have moderation abilities they would feel like they have too login everyday to keep peace and make the user feel less enjoyment being in orbus after or the user with some abilities will abuse it for example altspacevr there was users with power and they abuse it like adding to much stuff that made the platform laggy and was kick and muting the people they hate

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See lets say someone had an issue about getting killed by one of them getting the trickster token. They just go over their heads and go right to the devs? I feel mods should be devoted to more the back end of the game. Airis did a great job.

There’s nothing wrong with killing other players. There’s nothing to report there.

If somebody sees a mod abusing their power, bring it up to the other mods or report them in game, ya. Send an email to a dev, sure.

It’s not like the powers rickness suggested can really be abused much, server wide mute for a bit would really only work as a slight punishment for misbehaving, worse punishment would still be up to the devs.

Players can mute others as it is.

And? I’m just restating what the original post suggested since you all keep going on about mods abusing their power even tho what was suggested can’t really be abused much.
In regards to people already being able to mute others, that still requires those other people to experience someone being offensive/harassing for them to mute them.
So say with the current system someone goes around being unpleasant and 100 others hear them and maybe 20 of those have their day made worse by that experience before a dev gets on to do something about it. Now say that instead, one of the first 10 people that hear them are either a mod or contacts a mod who then takes almost immediate action then maybe 80 people are prevented from hearing and 18 of the ones that had their day made worse doesn’t experience that.
It’s not so much that we don’t already have options, it’s more about having something be done sooner so less people have to experience harasment and unpleasant encounters with toxic players/trolls.

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A server mute would be useful in those types of situations. If someone feels a mod is abusing the status, they can bring it up to the devs or the one in charge of the mods.

But Pmods would not automatically end all problems right then and there in my experience. I had a whole clan bash my own clan in another game, and it took months for the problem to go away on its own. We took to Pmods and they kicked a few but they’d always come back. Under the rules of the game, they could not be banned.

Pmods can only do so much but if the jerk wanted to harass a player, they can do so for as long as they wanted depending on if they can be banned or not. What is more useful is what tools the player has so they do not have to depend on someone else.

How have we gotten along for so long without in game mods?