In game voice chat problem


Experienced this last night:

I was in a party and we did a dungeon (via walking in at highsteppe, not matchmaking). Throughout the dungeon, and even after we left it upon completion, the audio worked fine. But once me and another member of the party left highsteppe he could no longer hear me, while I could hear him. I logged out and back in and the roles were swapped: I could hear him but he could not hear me. Continued re-logging seemed to just switch who could be heard. The only way to fix it was to leave the party and THEN log out and back in. After I did that, he re-invited me to the same dungeon party. Later (maybe 20-30 mins) he had an issue with his mount not activating and re-logged, only to have the same voice chat issue occur again. This time he and I both left the party and the audio worked normally for the rest of our questing.

Hope this helps!


Okay, thanks for the report, that is very odd, I will see if I can figure out what happened there.


This is exactly what happened to me last night, and is fairly typical with the logout dance etc. The ‘drop group thing’ is promising as a way to maybe get things reset more reliably because what’s annoying with 2 people becomes really nuts with a whole dungeon group.


Exactly what happened in terms of you were in a dungeon, it was working fine, then you left the dungeon and everything went sideways?

Just to be sure in this scenario has everyone left the dungeon? Or some people are in and some are out?


one case was a group of 2 outside of dungeon, the other was after exiting a dungeon. So I think the dungeon specifically might be a red herring.

With the group of 2 outside of dungeon things were fine then some sort of issue (cards stuck, weapon swap acting up) forced 1 player to relog, then upon returning they could no longer hear their group-mate, so group mate relogs and same thing in reverse, something like that

After dropping group, a relog seemed to not come with one of the parties being mute to the other. Maybe fluke but seemed to help at the time, worked a few times.