Incentive for new players to play the game longer


Getting lost amuses me. That’s what cookies (home teleport) is for.


An alternative to that idea:
Instead of a typical minimap dot showing your location on a map. What about having a map of the area at the signpost/crossroads with a picture of a map and a “you are here” dot. Kind of like the way amusementparks and the likes does it.
That would conserve the need to learn to navigate while not making people completely lost all together


pull trigger, pull arm back, release at specific time… or just spam as fast as possible.

Occasionally reach to hip to fire special arrow… never use trap

Yeah that’s the most complex skillset in the game… maybe take your rose fanboy glasses off and see that if this game was not VR is would be the worst MMO in history as far as class capabilities.
The only redeeming feature of this game is the rune mages cause they actually feel unique to play and the casting system was a good idea, but they can’t ride on one class forever.


@Justin_E1 Do you even know what tilesets are?


do you even know what makes an MMO good?


I’m gonna have to agree with Justin here, vr is capable of so much more, it shouldn’t rely on a damage buff meta that doesn’t change anything but the order in which you fire your 2 special arrows… I’ve been hoping for some changes to the ranger for a while now, and while talents reduced the spamminess, it’s still all the same motions over and over… And every time someone brings up a suggestion, the devs are silent… which probably means nothing is gonna change and the focus will be on the new classes.

If you think about it, all classes are equally repetitive so far, but the ranger is the only one limited to 2 specials which is half of the variety of the next most limited class, all the way to the mage which can use all skills at any time… How is that supposed to not get repetitive?


People enjoying themselves makes an MMO (or any game) good. You aren’t and I am. So no matter how any person slices it, this game is good for me and bad for you. :confused:

I appreciate you care enough for this game that you want to see it improved. And maybe it does improve in the future, maybe not.


but both those bells usually go off at slightly different times :sob:


the problem with tilesets is that it makes things even more standardized, for rangers especically everyone i know uses the same generic tilesets, which while giving the best dps dont allow for personal variation. the same even goes for classes besides rangers as well, once u have a tileset that works for u, u have basically locked to urself to a single rotation with minimal room variation if u want to be “the top”


It’s been too long without any new content and I really dislike it. There. Phew. Finally said it. Now I can roam free! :rofl:


Meh so far I appreciated that this kiddo-troll-talk-fanboy-blabla is not happening on Orbus forums… can you skip that since it just messes up threads, thanks.
Also, sometimes, if people don’t like the game after peaking in, not interested in discovering existing functions nor wanting to hear them from others, then the game is not for them. Can’t tailor everything so everyone magically likes it. Like the guy who complained about the tongue demons lol just leave them bloody sheep alone, least this problem is solved without dev action.
A different issue is if people plugged through the endgame content, know how to play their classes, and then got complaints and critique and if you’d only read more of forums you’d notice it is overly full of valid critique by those very same people.

As for “worst mmo in history” yea you likely found something you like better, then by all means play this one. I test free and low-priced MMOs where I see them on steam and drop most after half an hour, though. Orbus is actually surprisingly good, the first reactions to it were omg I can craft, level, quest, socialize just like in a non-VR MMO, and roam freely through an open world, there’s a variety of landscape, vegetation, mobs, boss mechanics and so on.
The comparison should also be not only pc, but VR competition, which I equally test even in closed alphas and so far there is not one single app which even looks promising to me or has enough incentives to keep me on for hours.

Now one of the most divers topics is talents and gear complexity, some MMOs got trees which look like they require a master’s degree to get what all the stats do and you can enchant and gem and boost your gear in a bazillion ways… and you got more skills than keys on your keyboard, but, surprise surprise, most players use only the 2-3 strongest of them bambambam mobs are dead… because the rest is way too complex and the whining on gameforums about that point is so common I don’t think it will ever vanish.

Now Orbus is more on the simple-track anyway, so far, I personally sure wished for more complexity as well - and technical info about what stat does what so we can calculate our gear better - , but again it’s impossible to please everyone and insulting experienced players also doesn’t help your cause.


The ranger does do basically the same thing in end game content as in the rest of the game, just with a lot more moving around… That has been my experience at least, with the standard tile set and all… He may have been abrasive in stating his point, but Justin does have a point regarding the ranger and he’s not the first to bring it up… I’ve seen the same complaint come up in the forums for a while, and it’s never been addressed, which is why I think some people may get worked up about it. We all just want this game to realize it’s full potential…


It has been mentioned so very often that it must have gotten to someones attention and in a much more informed manner, too. The classes are reworked in reborn anyway though and the work on this and balance hasn’t even started so likely repeating stuff over and over does nothing. The main problem was stated by Alu, in the wake of reborn the old game has basically entirely dropped, like bugs are not fixed (like, the lvl1 fishing gloves still not obtainable other than through odd glitches), like, barely new content, like, no incentives to use the queue for 20s, which imo was a mistake because who knows if players who quit now come back then.

If someone states it’s the worst mmo ever though I don’t even take this serious, sorry, the only question is why even bother with forums about this horrible game and this is not about the ranger or any other flaw, it means everything needs to change which is just bs.


To be fair, if we removed the vr part it would be a shity mmo. Thankfully it has vr to help it out. :wink:


I agree, have been playing since day one(not day one steam release, but pre alpha stress test) and since then to end game content now, there has been almost no change to the way i play, besides endless nerfs. only big change since its creation was the addition of piercing arrow in one of the first alpha’s, and talents which are mainly passive buffs, excluding precision and rapidity, with rapidity being the same as pre talents.


Yeah, your class got hard nerfed. Since day 1 steam when I jumped in, If anything mages got buffed. Sorry man lol.


exactly… imagine playing this as an MMO on non- VR… it would have the worst reviews and would probably be a joke in the MMO community


you sound pretty ungrateful to have a vr mmo, if it were not for these guys there would not be one. did you miss this part???

Early Access Game
Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.
Note: This Early Access game is not complete and may or may not change further. If you are not excited to play this game in its current state, then you should wait to see if the game progresses further in development


Wow imagine playing this game if it wasn’t this game. Brilliant mate.


What would you suggest as an improvement? More skills? What would they be and how would you suggest they be setup for use?
As mentioned, this is a VRMMO, we don’t have a keyboard with 50+ key combinations, we have two virtual hands, tools that must be held, and limited spacing for items. And it is still in development, so yes, the devs could/might be considering more options for current classes, perhaps they already have some ideas, but as the player, is there something that you think would be fun/interesting to add to your favorite class? How would it work? Not trying to offend anyone, but saying the class is boring and needs improvement, or the game would be horrible as a pancake MMO is not productive criticism. What would you like to see in the game, how would it work? Want more skills, tools, what would they be, where would you put them for access?
I do agree that some kind of character progression(other than simply leveling) would be awesome, The talent tree does help that a little as we get excited to unlock a new option while grinding.
What about receiving a gem at certain levels, it could appear as a gift box in our player homes that we can pick up and pocket, this gem, or a combination of gems, could be used to buy a new item that fits in our wrist slots(I think that’s the unused one right now?). A specialty vendor to sell the gems too would have multiple wrist items with different specs, or possible abilities, depending on how the player wants to play their class.
Item Ideas:
Unlocks a second pet slot, and gives a breeding bonus like happier pets
Unbreakable line, for avid fishermen
Harvest badge, gives a chance of gaining more than one harvestable
Spell Hold, lets mages pull a spell from their wand and hold it in their off-hand
Ranger’s Mark, lets rangers mark targets, targets could take bonus damage from all players and would allow groups to set a kill order (if a ranger is present) (marking system could be a light arrow that is pulled from the bow without a normal arrow in hand)
Warrior’s Sight, lets a warrior mark a target from a distance, that target gets aggro’d without pulling entire mob group(could be set up as a shield target system, similar to the sword rush feature)
Musketeer Pistol, second smaller gun that can be pulled from the musketeer’s off-hand shoulder, this could be set to have an orb that isn’t on the main gun, but maybe has a longer cooldown.