Incentive for new players to play the game longer


Regarding the original post: we’re definitely building Reborn and thinking about it in such a way that there should be something fun to do whenever you get on - in bite-sized chunks too, with rewards appropriate to it and making it faster in general to level up and get to the “good stuff.” We know the current game has had a lot of fetch quests back and forth in the story and that’s what we want to avoid in the new one in general.

The thread got kind of derailed into a class balance discussion but I do want to reiterate that we will be looking at the current classes and where they fit in for Reborn, potentially rebalancing them and changing some aspects.

The reason we’ve not done that for the Beta sessions is the same reason the new classes we’ve added aren’t balanced very much - it’s difficult to balance for an incomplete game when you don’t have the full picture of where things will be, like the class makeups of groups, the difficulty of monster and boss encounters.

It doesn’t make sense for us to balance them early in the beta when so much is still subject to change, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about the old classes.

We do appreciate your patience in the current game and there being less to do for the near future. Our efforts are all focused on Reborn because that’s what we must do to ensure the new version will be as full of content and as polished as possible, and a strong base to build on for the future of the game.


I want a squirrel sitting on my shoulder and it should have the jumper mutation and my plunderer dragon should get much happier just by looking up to it now and then! :chipmunk:


I want a little Obnobi Goober to sit on my shoulder 🥰


So I think that balancing isn’t really the issue that this thread lead to. Just so you don’t think that’s our main concern. It developed into a discussion about how repetitive some of the classes (especially ranger) become after a short while, and it remains that way for the rest of the game. That is sort of relevant to the original complaint of incentive…

I will use ranger for this example… So for instance, having all arrow types from the beginning definitely removed a large opportunity for those to be active skills that are unlocked, giving additional incentive to level… Also, all arrows are very cookie cutter, fire from point a to point b, same motion… Someone proposed earlier that the fire arrow has to be fired up, or the shotgun arrow have its spread oriented to the bow, which would add a lot of variety to that class, along with some reworking to that dismal trap, and I’d be excited to play ranger again, maybe even level up a new one… And that variation can apply to the rest of the classes

We have faith that you will get all the balancing worked out. I just wanted to point out the issue that seems to constantly get overlooked, judging by the history of this thread, and many similar ones before it.


here’s an idea!
add a bag to your waist that you can store items in(mainly junk) and you can take it off your waist, then use both hands to open it and if you turn it upside down all the junk items fall out. An easy way to get rid of junk all at once and easy to give free junk/items to anyone around, or maybe people can put items in it too, so you can stand on corners begging!


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