Inconsistency for Interrupts between Scoundrel and Ranger

Currently, a Ranger using a Charged Shot to interrupt a Link Shield will have all the damage absorbed, and then the interrupt applied.

A Scoundrel using a Charged Shot to interrupt a Link Shield will have the interrupt applied, and then damage applied.

Is it possible that we can get Ranger’s Charged Shot to apply interrupt first, then damage? Rangers currently get the short end of the stick for interrupts (Charged Shot being on cooldown, and Trap requiring close range for accurate/consistent use), but taking our spike damage ability and negating it for the sake of an interrupt hurts :frowning:


Please ^^^^^^^^^
its already painful that the only viable interrupt is on a 8 ish sec cooldown but its also a big part of dmg thats being completely removed.

Saying that, I would really like to see ranger get another viable interrupt ability.
Comparing with other classes: scoundrel has no cooldown on interrupt, musky 0 CD, paladin 0 CD, mage 0 CD… shaman practically has it up all the time because the cooldown is short enough to not worry but ranger? they have to wait and time it ruining rotation and a main source of there damage.


I completely agree with what is said above, rangers get shit on when it comes to interrupts, losing the biggest part of their damage when interrupting

Give us 2 more arrow slots and replace smoke arrow with an arrow that interrupts, that would be a hell of a nice change for ranger cause lets face it, smoke arrow isn’t useful, it’s mostly used for griefing at events which isn’t good for anyone and the other arrow slot can then be used for fire arrow giving us viable multi target ability without sacrificing our single target dps


Problem with ranger is that the difference in power between arrows is huge, and there is little point in experimenting as we only have 2 slots. Would love to swap my stun trap with a net arrow

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