Index controller movement backwards?


I just loaded up the game for the first time since getting the index. Problem is, when I move forward using the left thumbstick (or touching the touchpad on top), I move backwards. Trying to go backwards moves me forwards. The right controller works fine.

What am I doing wrong? I can’t seem to find anything in the settings that would fix this.


@J11 this one sounds up in your alley :rofl:


You have the locomotion settings switched to play space rather than controller or head gaze


Loaded back in to check my settings and it was magically working as soon as I loaded in.

I did double check it, and it said my locomotion was controller (default) I believe. Either way, works now, so thanks for the help.


I’ve randomly had that happen after a desync with the old Vive controllers, where one controller will be inverted in weird ways (slide works, but teleport only goes backwards, etc.) Usually a relaunch fixes it. Haven’t used my Index controllers enough to encounter it yet.