Index Controller support

I just wanted to try out the demo with some of my friends (which own a oculus so they dont have the problems) but as i was trying to change the locomotion settings to fit the index controllers i havent found any real option to use the sticks for movement which is really annoying and makes the game almost unplayable for index users…

Make sure you turn on slide locomotion in the locomotion settings :slight_smile:

Also check out some of the community bindings available in SteamVR for Orbus. Movement with Index is a bit funny until you select one of those. The game is totally playable with Index controllers though! I use them myself :upside_down_face:

it is on but i hate using the trackpad, i want to use the stick but its teleporting me

i wont use teleport and i looked at some and they all had teleport

You may need to look through the community bindings then. My joystick does not teleport unless I click it in.

could you send me the name or a screenshot of the binding you use

it’s not that hard to make custom bindings just figure out what button does what then go in and swap it which is what i did so my joystick moves and the trackpad teleports and casts spells, i also have both inventory buttons set to push to talk (left menu button when enabled in settings) I also have the A button set to combat sprint but that was mostly for testing

if you don’t use the teleport function you might have a real bad time in shard dungeons and raids, not saying its not doable. but the teleport definitely make life more tolerable.

edit: i still use the default index controls, i tried out the other binding that mishka uses and didnt notice any differences