Index controllers

I just got the pimax with index. I had the og oculus before that. I have been play orbus for over 2 years. Now with index controllers I can’t turn as mage with wand in my hand. I keep dying this is very frustrating. If the devs. Could look into this. Thank you. Ps I also bought the dlc. I won’t be able to play intill this is fixed


That’s because Index uses the same bindings as the Vive. You’ve never been able to turn with your wand in your hand if you played with Vive controllers. It’s not actually a bug, since both movement and spell submission on the Vive uses the same trackpad. :woman_shrugging:

It’s more likely an exception when using the steamVR input system, like you said, the vive wands use the trackpad for movement and submitting spells, so they made an exception in the steamVR input system, instead of making it a vive spesiffic exception. I do believe it should be a relatively easy fix, but I could be wrong.

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either way it is very annoying

Check your settings…