Infinite combat sprint

So I was attacking the player with the trickster token and they weren’t slowed. No speed pot, nothing. He just walked right into highsteppe in combat with the token. 1. Can this be removed? 2. When is that gonna be fixed? It’s been a problem for so long yet it hasn’t been fixed.

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they should be slowed when they enter combat :thinking:

are you sure they werent a paladin?

its been quite a while since ive been to the trickster goblin, mostly due to paladins just running away when they grab the tokens. so is this a new thing? because i dont recall this happening

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no, it’s been around for a long long time where every now and then you won’t get in combat when you should, be that pvp or pve, but it happens so rarely that it really isn’t much of an issue.

He was a cloth class

ok i was just making sure

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This happened to me while i died on World Boss / when i died i was in combat and after i resurrected I was able to run even in battle until the boss died. It never happened to me in normal fight / just when fighting WB so maybe there is something to it?

yeah it happens every once and a while, its pretty rare.

its kind of fun when you happen to get it on the slime boss though!

Oh yeah it’s great! I think you get it from combat resurrecting…???

sometimes maybe?

but i have gottten it randomly at times, not Resurrection

and it only ever happens for bosses that ive noticed :thinking:

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The safezone outside highstep is a bit more glitchy, because it is a one way attack. To be fair the entire “can only take damage” thing needs to be reworked, and the fact that you can paly-hammer past any defendant kind of breaks it anyway.