Initial Connection (from Key)

Attempted to use My Key in Oculus on the 14th (didn’t realize game needed to be active) trying to connect today I open Oculus open Orbus, Uplay does not open and I only get a black screen in Orbus. Please Help

What is Uplay? Nothing should need to open besides Orbus and the Oculus Launcher. Just to be sure you have a Rift right?

  1. Upon launching the game you should receive a prompt to log in to your Ubisoft account. Type in your login credentials and then click Log In.

  2. The game should prompt you to close by pressing A on the Xbox controller. After pressing A, the game should close.

  3. Your game is now activated in both your Oculus and Ubisoft accounts, both accounts were linked! You should be able to now find the game in both your Oculus Home and Uplay PC game libraries.

UPlay is Ubisoft app apparently and Yes I have a Rift.

Not sure what or how but it finally allowed Me in.

Ubisoft is in no way related and you definitely don’t need uplay. Where did you read those steps at?

Instructions on Orbus for Redeeming the Key for oculus.

I see what happened, glad you brought this up so it can get fixed. It shouldn’t link to the ubisoft website.

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