Inspection window over items frequently does not display

I am sure this happens quite commonly to others, but I couldnt find a thread for this so I am posting it now.

Quite frequently, while trying to inspect items, hovering the finger over the item in question will not display the window even though the sound (post patch) now plays.

The only fix for this is to find an item not bugged, view the window, and then hover over the item that was bugged for inspection. Swapping hands doesnt seem to fix the issue without first finding a different item that can be inspected.


Yes, this happens since the last patch.


Actually, this happened before the last patch too. It’s just more noticeable with the sound.

Yeah, reported it too :slight_smile: really annoying. Sometimes the menu just feels slow… well… whenever u want to check the tool tips for example

Yes, I can confirm that this does happen occasionally still and is much easier to determine whats going on with the sounds. (Hovering properly, and tip does not show)

Another problem that sometimes happens is when you open the menu with one hand (eg. Left Hand), but it can’t interact with it so you have to put away whats in your other hand to use the menu.


This has been happening to me for a long while and is especially annoying.,

I feel that the best solution would be to make it so that the tooltips come up nearly as soon as you hover over the item.

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Should make it so the item displays once you have it selected so you don’t need to hover over it just click it once.

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That would speed up the inspection process immensely. I would like to see this too.

In fact it would be great if:

  1. You can click to inspect.
  2. Click inspect shows the item overlay window over the menu itself so it doesnt cover the process of moving an item
  3. Equipment automatically compares to equipped items
  4. You can click to inspect one other item
  5. Most recent click replaces oldest inspected item in the above window
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Yeah this has been happening to me as well before and after the patch.

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