Interactive map v0.4.0A

the locations might actually be slightly off. What would be good is to download the map and youll get exact locations if you walk there… I was considering walking around the whole overworld and adjusting the node positions so they are as accurate as possible,

Honestly, all of mine (fish, herbs, minerals) were just placeholders in a general approximation. A lot of them get bunched up pretty heavily (think Obinobi camp with blade cactuses) so I throw one down where I think the approximate location would be.

For fish, I think it’s usually body-of-water based rather than distance in the water or something, right? In which case it matters less :stuck_out_tongue:

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yup fish doesnt matter so much

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This is my go to family friendly content to help me navigate the world of orbus!

New version of the Orbus Reborn Interactive Map v0.3.7A !

  • Fixed support for different locales with player location and autozooming.
  • Added new location names all over the map
  • Added new fish locations all over the map
  • Changed some font sizes
  • General clean up.


This helps the geographically challenged people like myself… :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands: spank ya j :slight_smile:

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Great work!

Awasome work @J11, cant wait to use it :grinning:
Hope to see this feature on oculus quest ! :blush:

i would have to check the unity/quest toolkit (which I havent checked to see if it exists) and see if it will be possible to just overlay straight in to orbus somehow with it. I will do some research :slight_smile:

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Thanks, we will be a lot of old and new players on quest headset, I think that it would be a great thing if your map can be usable on quest :star_struck:
On old Orbus when I was playing on oculus rift, I struggled a lot with the map.
Anyway your job will be for sure appreciable by the community :smiley:

Y’all could also print off the latest static map… A bit old school, but it works!

Edit - the link

okay so after a few minutes research I realize that the quest is actually android based (Yay). I was a native Android developer for 4/5 years so it MIGHT be possible for me to do something… But… I don’t know how locked down quests Android usage is… It might be that they only allow single applications to run on it… Or you can run multiple applications with overlays etc. It’ll be interesting to play with for sure.


nice, i’m surprised you weren’t eating something during the video haha!

rofl standard

How do you get it to overlay in the game like in your video? I love the map and being able to drop my compass to check location, but currently i have to tab out to bring the map up

Depends on your hardware - Oculus Dash supports it natively. Vive needs a program called OVRDrop to do this.

Im using vive. I will look into OVRDrop, thank you ^^

A new version of the Orbus Reborn map is available v0.4.0A!

In this release:

  • Ability to hide and show the compass
  • Added graveyard locations
  • Made it so that when you press up and down arrows you can hide and show the map toolbar:

great for overlays with OVRDrop or other!



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