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Update v2.5.2 - Back to a single build

Mostly some QoL updates, primarily: navmaps generate based on the “Use pathfinding” toggle in settings so the light build is no longer needed, filter list scroll bar, ability to zoom with arrow keys, some additional settings.

  • made navmaps generate based on the “Use pathfinding” toggle in settings and made this toggle disabled by default, tho enabling it requires the map to be restarted. This means I’ll be going back to a single build again instead of 2
  • added scroll bar to the filter list
  • made it possible to zoom using the up/down arrow keys
  • added icon scale rate slider in settings, icon scale rate is how much icons scale as you zoom in. a scale rate of 0 means the icons are always the same size in relation to the map, a scale rate of 1 means the icons are always the same size in relation to the map window. default is 0.75
  • added zoom power slider in settings, this is just how fast you zoom.
  • added text objects that display the value of the slider
  • fixed tooltips missing on lamavora and wastelands lights
  • fixed some zoneswitches not clearing the path
  • fixed green dot appearing at the first player coordinate line of the combat log
  • fixed ritual page not being part of quest items
  • added “Helga Sarrow” quest giver by the citadel raid entrance

How does one manage to get this in game. I play on a quest one but through virtual desktop (rifted). Thanks in advance!

you need to use a VR overlay, like OVRToolkit, XSOverlay, OVRDrop or oculus dash if you’re not using steamVR

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Update v2.5.3

  • fixed festival filters being saved
  • fixed part of map being non-interactable

Update v2.5.4

  • fixed tooltips not showing on large portion of left side
  • did some texture packing and increased compression slightly for the main map which has lowered the download size a decent bit

Update v2.5.5

  • fixed scrollbar not being interactable
  • fixed pathfinding option tooltip not always working as intended

Is there a version for android or will there be one in the future?

No and there probably won’t be one.

Update v2.6.0

  • made it possible for me to pre-generate navigation maps, so now the map will always be quick to start
  • added citadel raid mobs to the map
  • added Enraged Sephotep “Hell” mobs
  • updated the temp icons from the festival

Hot-fix v2.6.1

  • fixed missing texture in list
  • fixed citadel raid boss 4 final portal mobs not being togglable

Update v2.7.0

  • added missing blimp rotation in hulthine
  • reorganized the mobs tab, now each mob type is collapsible
  • added mobs to the forsaken isle
  • reworked the save system slightly to make it more versatile and more tweakable. This means your layout will be reset after you update
  • updated all boss icons, they are now the faces of the bosses
  • fixed bass not being toggleable on the forsaken isle
  • halved the base map resolution because the size of it was causing issues for some
  • made a launcher that will allow you to automatically download updates
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How do I download this for Quest 2?

You download it and run it on a Windows pc.

Hi All,

Is there a video or tutorial on how to “pin” this map on top of the existing map in Orbus for oculus quest 2?
Have searched quite a bit and have had no success. Also went through the discord. Everyone mentions using the oculus dash and using the “pinning” feature, but there is not enough detail to sus out exactly what to do.
Worse case scenario I will keep it on my phone. It’s a fantastic map! Keep it up!

you cannot get it in-game on oculus quest 1 or 2 without oculus link.
If you are running it with oculus link you can open dash, go to desktop view, then when pointing at the map window in the desktop view press A/X + grip on the same controller, this will pop the window out into it’s own floating window which can be pinned by clicking the thumbtack symbol in the bottom right.

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Boom. That’s exactly what I needed thank you Asmund!!!
Keep this up!!!
Will try it now.

Update v2.8.0

  • added timers to show when legendary fish are going to start/end.
  • added missing kylakin rotation to the forsaken isle
  • added missing perch rotation to the forsaken isle
  • upgraded all text objects to TextMeshPro
Should I add the anniversary items/mobs to the map?
  • Yes
  • No
  • Don’t care

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Due to to the poll results and the fact that this event is likley a 1 time thing I’m not going to add the anniversary objects to the map.

Update v2.9.0

  • added achievement vendor
  • fixed “Back to overworld” button not having text
  • added a text object to display your in-game coordinates when you grab your compass
  • fixed player location not working with some format configurations in Windows
  • added grim reaper kill targets with paths that show up when you hover over them
  • added path to scav trader that show up when you hover over him

Update v2.10.0 - Skogronn festival

  • added Nocnitsa
  • moved sewer mobs
  • added missing flounder rotation
  • fixed trickster “spawned” text splitting into 2 lines
  • removed winter festival items
  • removed 2 mobs from abandoned mines
  • added skogronn festival quest givers
  • added skogronn festival quest items
  • added skogronn festival mobs

Launcher download:

Zip download:



Still doing amazing things with the map I see. Thank you potato. :smiley: