Interested in joining a fellowship?

The Hitmercs (Name still in the works)

I will be making a fellowship working as mercenaries and hitmen.
The fellowship is named Hitmercs (Placeholder name for now) where people can request for protection for a good amount of money or for us to slay a player.
If we get a good amount of members it will be more efficient when the game is available for all users (currently only closed alpha).
We accept all classes, the more divers the better.


All fellowship members can discuss jobs and hits by a discord channel. (OrbusVR | HitMercs)

Server has a hierarchy meaning you must earn your rank either by playtime, level, etc.
Top rank (Officer)
Normal rank (Member)
Low rank (Recruit)

New players will be assigned Recruit by default.

Join a mercenary fellowship.

Hope you will take time to check out if you are interested or come with some suggestions to improve it.

Dotiko! I’m in. This sounds great.

@skywalker Its me Björnson!