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Hello. I am thinking about purchasing OrbusVR, but I have a lot of questions.
First, how is the player base? I have been getting a lot of different information regarding this. Some people have said there are a lot of players, while others have said Orbus is dying. I imagine that the player base will increase in April, but this makes me wonder if I should wait?
Secondly, will the price of Orbus increase in April?
Thirdly, how is the community for a solo player? Is it easy to find a party or difficult?
Fourthly, how is the community towards new players? Is everyone very helpful or will the early level grinding be very difficult?

  1. Player base fluctuates tremendously based on time of day. Check out this graph to see when most people are playing (it auto-corrects to your timezone):

  2. There seem to have been some mixed views on this. Needless to say, the price won’t go down. (And it’s worth every penny of $40 to me)

  3. I did 95% of my first 300 hours in-game as a solo player. I enjoyed it, and didn’t really look for a group. The best place to find a group though is the Unofficial Orbus Discord.

  4. In general, people help if you have questions or need help. Early leveling can be monotonous though - especially if you solo it.


Player base is pretty good and largely depends on timezones. American continent evenings have the most people, but hopefully after translations start to become available, fingers crossed nearly any timezone will be just as bustling as the next. Orbus is certainly not dying, but with Reborn on the horizon being the focus over new content within current game (although it has plenty of content, but some of us have been around since forever) it’s more of a hibernation to stave off burnout to hit the ground running with Reborn betas and launch. We’ve had a nice new wave of players lately. Just don’t follow Guided Tours. I wouldn’t recommend waiting since right now is an xp boost and there’s current game stuff to get and experience that won’t be in Reborn. Since the current Orbus server will shut down April 1st, you’ve got some time.

As for the price of Reborn with its April launch… good question. I’m not sure if it’ll stay $40 USD or change. (Edit: buy now and get practically two full fledged games for the price of one! Reborn is free to those who have already bought Orbus, but for those that have never bought Orbus and will for the first time after launch, dunno)

Orbus isn’t currently crafted to be simple for solo play; traveling in a party is encouraged. There are some badass solo players, though. Reborn will have some activities to appeal more to the solo style. Difficulty in finding a group will largely depend on timezone and window of availability. Being in the community discord can help with meeting people, and it’s pretty common to see groups form and meet up in those voice channels. Be sure to use its LFG along with the one in game.

I’d say most everyone is helpful. Toxicity is not tolerated. Just beware Guided Tours.


Thanks. This is all very helpful information. I’ve been kind of leaning towards getting Orbus for awhile. I think I may finally cave and purchase it.


this should give you the discord link


I got the game along with a vive for christmas. Ive owned a PSVR for years. This is my favorite vr game hands down and it would be a shame to miss out on the pre expansion world and its quests.Youll still get reborn for free and its looking awesome. Plus youll get access to the open betas.

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