Introducting the Unofficial Orbus Armory


Hi everybody!

Today Alphabet community is happy to announce the soft launch of the Orbus armory. The armory was built by players for players. View all your player stats here as well as leaderboard rankings on shard dungeons!

Check it out here:


All by myself!

Change log:

  • Added logging for individual statistics. This is pretty much the same thing as the official leaderboards, but with one added stat as well as all the leaderboards extended to support top 100, instead of just 10. This data is being updated as characters are being looked up.

  • Added logging for activity. This stat is still hidden until 23rd of April when we have enough data to determine whether a player has been active during a 7 day period. Activity is determined by a simple calculation of whether or not you have been online for over 15 minutes in the past 7 days. On April 23rd, we’ll start to show the number of active members next to the total number of members in a fellowship. (Thanks Lok and Geldan)

  • Added individual stat’s ranking next to a character’s stats in the character page


How did you get access to all this data? -.-


The same API as the bots in Discord, and Orbus’s own website to an extent.

I asked permission to do it before we went ahead with the project, and @Riley_D greenlit it.


Aah I didn’t know the API from Orbus can read all this information. Very cool guys! :slight_smile:


Awesome J! I think this is a great way to put that data to “use”, making it easier to see some of the harder-to-find stats. It would be nice to have leaderboards for stuff and to see where you rank on those boards, and have that integrated right into the armory.


Can you give some ideas :smile:?


Well, a good place to start would be the main stats you have listed on there. For example:

Highest score in the runemage contest 13001 (Rank #50)
Total weight of all fish caught 4146.57 (Rank #34)
Total potions brewed 54 (Rank #73)
Total monsters slain 11772 (Rank #96)

Etc. Then have clicking those rank numbers take you to the leaderboards for that item so you can see who your competition is.


Good idea :slight_smile: !


You could also do a leaderboard for most completed shard tiers, like how you have the group part set up but for a single person and the total tally of let’s say T7 shards completed


Really great job there!!


Grats job guys! That is a real fun leaderboard. I made a short cut to the site on my phone.



Change log:

  • Added functionality to search for fellowships too. This data does not come straight from Orbus, but is rather gathered on the fly from profiles sought in the Armory. This means the data may be lacking. If you notice people missing from your fellowships, just search for the said person and they will appear as a member.

  • Added the name of the fellowship on the Shard Dungeon Leaderboard entries where applicable. This means, that if more than 2 people in the group were from the same fellowship, the run is credited to that fellowship. This helps me to generate rankings for fellowships. Speaking of which:

  • Added a fellowship ranking system and leaderboards for it. Fellowships are now ranked based on their PVE progress. This data does not come straight from Orbus, but is rather gathered on the fly from profiles sought in the Armory. The ranking system is explained in more detail over at the F.A.Q page

  • Added total PvP arena wins to users profiles. (Thanks Rickness)


can u tell us about how the scores are decided, and what allows you to gain more points?


Oh shoot, I forgot to fill the new details on the F.A.Q page. I’ll do it in a few minutes, but a short summary would be:

Each completed shard dungeon level grants you a 1000 points. So if your fellowship’s highest shard level is 7, thats 1000 points. On top of that, each minute you had left on your best run gives you an extra 10 points. So say, your best run was level 7, and you had 11 minutes left, that would mean 7110 points


I updated the F.A.Q page with an another example


Only one of Nox’s T7 is showing up when there should be two, and only two of our T6’s.


As explained on the F.A.Q page, the data for the leaderboards are generated on the fly, not provided by the official API in full. Every time someone looks up a character that has participated in a run, that run’s info is updated.

A run will be credited to a fellowship if the group consisted of more than 2 people from the same fellowship. For example, there seems to be a level 7 run that Geldan and Jerbear had been a part of, but the missing 3 members weren’t looked up while it was still showing up on their API data (last 10 completed shard runs), which is probably the second T7 you’re referring to?


Geldan, Jerbear, losercom, and Remiichan, and I are all in the same fellowship and did all of the T6 and T7 together.


I think you’re talking about this:
“Geldan, Jerbear, ?, ?, ? Tradu Skywalk 7 0 minutes and 0 seconds Alert, Indecisive, Vindictive, Spores”
Since 3 are unknown (and 3 are required for the fellowship tag) you can’t get it, unless that run is one of the last 10 of at least one of the other players and you search his name on the website.


If you are referring to the ‘?’ ^what shiki said…

Please refer to the FAQ:

WTF? The leaderboard isn’t right!!1
You are probably right. The API provided by Orbus only shows the latest 10 completed shard dungeons under any specific character’s profile.
Because of this, we are populating the leaderboard on the fly. That means, every time you search for a character, the leaderboard will update that character’s data.
So, if you think you should be on the leaderboard, but you aren’t, all you have to do is go and search for your character over at the home page


That is ridiculous and makes this “leaderboard” irrelevant.