Introduction and LFG


Hey, I am Red, IGN Emotionless, I just recently reinstalled the game and made a new character playing as a warrior. I am 22 years old, Swedish.

I am looking for people to level to level 20 with as solo grinding seems slower by far. I am level 11 at the moment and is free for another month or 2 so I play a lot.

Any tips for leveling faster or any tips, in general, are very welcome.
Also, anyone who wanna become friends or allies or just play together, let me know.


You’ll probably find joining the discord useful for all the things you’ve mentioned. There are LFG channels for various levels as well as an active general chat channel to meet people and make arrangements


Good idea I will check it out


If you’re still ~level 11 I’d be happy to group with you for leveling!
I’m on U.S. time. PST. Currently 10:53PST here.


Heyy, sorry didn’t notice someone replied I am lvl 14 atm, been on bit of break as im ranking up before reset in another game but if u are around lvl 14 still feel free to add me on discord Red#0940


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