Invisible player in dungeons

I was in the dungeon queue this evening and got into the crypt. I did not know until the other players commented that my snowman windup pet seemed to be doing the dungeon on its own without its owner It turned out I was invisible and the health of the first group of trash monsters kept resetting to 100%. So we left and queued again, this time all was well. Why does this happen?

Hi, thanks for reporting this. We’re still investigating this issue, but we need more logs from the other side of the experience, from the players who aren’t seeing the other players.

If it happens again, let them know to send the log file (if they are on PCVR) to [email protected] - you can find the output_.log.txt in %userprofile%\appdata\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR

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I will try and remember that if it happens again. I never experienced it on the original quest only this once on the Quest2 if that means much.

One more thing I could not walk out of the dungeon, I could walk up to the exit circle but not go through it. I had to quit Orbus then login again to walk through the exit.

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