Invisible Players

After the latest update to voice players will randomly become invisible. This is not the same as the invisible potion. The player will be able to be heard but not seen except for their pet. This happens in dungeons and the over world.

You can also see them fire spells but the avatar is missing

We’re looking for some output_log.txt of this happening, are you on PC?

I am on quest.

Okay, if anybody on PCVR has experienced this issue so far, please let us know and send your output_log.txt to [email protected]

You can find it at C:\Users\YourName\AppData\LocalLow\Orbus Online, LLC\OrbusVR\output_log.txt

I think it’s only on quest, even happens in dungeons. Odd problem.

Are you sure this is not the old under the ground bug that means you can’t be hit by bolts and such but you also cannot receive healing?

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