Invisible Walls - Please let us move more freely


Hi Devs,

since you are redesigning the whole world, there is one thing that really is important to me and I guess many many others regarding the movement in the game.

We come so often across areas, where nothing visible is in our way, but we are not allowed to walk further. See the screenshot below for reference.
The world at a whole would feel so much better, if you would be able to move freely and not get stuck on invisible walls where there simply shouldnt be some.

The problem goes even further when you play for example the Rainforest Instance in original Orbus where when you walk near the boarders of the map, there are some “single field spots” that are invisible and still blocking your way. You can even get stuck in a strange invisible one way trap and have to teleport a way back to get back to something where you are allowed to teleport and walk again. This was annoying me so many times and I would appreciate it more then anything else, if there would be a way to make the boarders of the world more intiutive and logical.


Hey there, thanks for letting us know. We have to map the entire world grid manually, so sometimes there are spots like you mentioned where there are invisible walls where there shouldn’t be. If you show us where they are then we can fix them for the future. Thanks!


I would like to help out here, thanks for the hint. How can I describe those spots best? We do not have coordinates or something like that. This screenshotted place in the start map is hard to locate only by description.
A great solution would be, if you could handout map-graphics from every zone and we can send them back edited where we are having trouble with the grid.


For now, if you happen to run into a place that seems like you should be able to walk or teleport over and there’s a snag, feel free to post a screenshot. Thanks!


So actually I think that is caused by the slope. The teleport grid doesn’t handle slopes well yet. We will get that fixed though before release.


Was really hoping the locomotion grid would get some love or a rewrite in Reborn. Is it in the roadmap at all to redo this?


There was a bunch of invisible/offset collision in the colossus cave FYI.