Is Bard Poorly designed at its core?


Would you be okay with telling us about some of the ideas for talents and supers floating around among the team? This is another thing I’ve been thinking a lot about how it could shape our party compositions and group synergy.


Can you PLEASE add a bard song audio slider. I don’t care if you add 5 or six songs it can play, after 100’s hours those songs are going to get really repetitive. Especially if the songs have the repativie note length the current song has. If the bard class ends up not being my cup of tea and/or I get tired of their songs I like to be able to ether turn it down or mute it entirely. I already have the ingame music disabled because after 800+ hours It was time to listen to other songs while I play.

I really did mean to communicate that support classes are my favorite thing to play in an MMO and that’s why I tend to jump in on musketier posts a lot! I was hoping to find another support class I enjoyed, and while I like the skills and what they do,the execution makes this support class unenjoyable.


I have been enjoying Bard since the moment I played it and although the class is not in it’s finished state and can be done/theorized in many different ways, I think this way still works the best and with some minor tweaks can become a very enjoyable class:

-For starters, add a full chord of notes on the marimba. Although 2 more notes may affect in combat view a bit, it ties into the second point I am suggesting and would allow for out of combat music playing (which is what bards should be able to do to either encourage the party or put on a show).
-Don’t make the background music match what you are playing. Instead, remove the background music entirely and (although it may take the help of a musician) have the notes we play be the music. It may be a little bit quiet for the bard in combat if you have to dodge things however, so if not completely remove the music, at least make the background music more bass while the music you play is more treble.
-Make the different orbs correspond with the notes based on their abilities. Such as healing orbs would be more focused around playing higher notes, while defensive orbs focus on playing lower notes, while neutral orbs like attack (Harm/Justice) and Stamina focus more on the middle ground of notes.

There’s definitely lots more I have in my mind about the class that I have either just forgot about or have to see what the future holds. For example as far as talents go, at the same time I definitely would love a fourth orb activation, another cool idea I had recently was rapidity bard, changing from a slow paced class to a fast paced one. The talent choices could look like this as well: On the left: Same old bard however you get rewarded with more damage/healing for playing the correct notes, yet suffer a loss when missing notes. On the right (rapidity): Faster and more notes, yet allows for “more” (not 100% of) mess-ups as long as the challenging to hit notes are hit. Here with the left path you go for more healing and damage with a slower tick speed and having to be accurate, while with the right path you go for normal healing and damage, but with a faster tick speed as long as you can hit the extra notes.


I just figured the ball drops was to test out the functionaliy of a rithem weapon in the beta, and that the real one would be hitting the notes in a pattern to a beat, or similar


Bard instruments id love to see
guitar, flute, drums

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