Is Clownfish still in-game?

I know what you’re thinking: “SPOILER!”

But wait, clownfish is a listed ingredient in the list of known potions:

It’s right there under the speed potion.

However, it’s not listed under the Crafting Ingredients:

So, my first thought is that the clownfish should be added to the “known” crafting ingredients. But my second thought is that it used to be a crafting ingredient, but is no longer in game (or maybe the speed potion itself is no longer in game). I’m not sure which is right…

Is the clownfish still in game and available?

Yes it’s definitely still in the game. Someone from the community started that Crafting Ingredients page and it looks like the last update was last June, so it’s just out of date. If someone wants to update it and add on to it feel free. Obviously please don’t include the specific lure parts for the fish that we didn’t already disclose elsewhere on the Wiki, but I don’t see a reason not to at least have a list of all the ingredients that exist…

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Oh yeah, I did that a while ago, there were only two ores at the time, wow, hah. I can try to update it with everything soon.

If you need clownfish, my merchant stall is selling some.

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