Is it possible to dedicate more ram to the game?


Simple question; anyone know a way to increase the amount of ram to dedicate to the game, currently running at about 1348 mb and if there is a way to use more ram my machine has I would love to know. I use the steam version.


I don’t believe so. Ram usage has to be programmed into the game by the devs. On top of that in order to be most compatible with existing and older hardware and 32-bit OS’s it’s common practise for devs to make sure and program the main executable of the game to never grown over 2GB where 32-bit process would simply crash.

In other words in order for the software to use more the devs would have needed to program everything 64-bit from the ground up and only support 64-bit OS’s (not likely) and recent hardware with at least 8GB RAM and up.

That being said more memory usage does not relate directly to more performance, at all. It would improve things like the size of a zone that can be held in memory before the game needs to load. But when I notice in-game that the entire highsteppe area is being completely loaded and kept in memory without the need for constant loading that looks very effeciently programmed to me already and I see no need for more memory tbh.

One of the devs could step in and provide the details of the current state


Still would love to dedicate more ram that I am not using, a dev probably would need to step in


How much ram do I need for my minecraft server :smile:


How much deditated wam do I need for my server


so i’m trying to figure out why you would want to have more ram dedicated to the game than the game needs at any given time? it will always use exactly as much ram as it needs. giving it more ram than it needs does nothing.


Because why not, i got ram to dedicate so I dedicate it. Plus I like having big numbers to look at up there.


Not how computing works. You could create a ram drive and load the game on it so you load a bit faster if your not already on an SSD. Bout most you can do.


Ram is just what you have. You can expand cache size per core overtclock, and oc the gpu or turn it off lol


I guess supersampling will require more ram, as you are rendering the image several times.


supersampling is CPU and VRAM.


Meh, vram and sdram are both ram :wink:


The Meh virus is spreading!!! :joy:

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