Is it worth it?

Hello there folks

I literally just discovered this game 10 minutes ago and it seems very interesting.
I also saw that just tomorrow another closed beta starts. now I wanted to ask. would you say it is worth it?
How long will the closed beta last? And is there already a lot to do in this game? How does it look like with the space you need for it? And is there anything else I should know?

Thank you very much for you help :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh also important question; Does this game have (or will it have) proficiency skills? Like in RuneScape you can increase your fishing level or cooking level etc. And can you craft your own stuff?

Yes, game is worth it. It will be up for a week then down for a few weeks then up 24/7 until launch. It is the best game I have played and only game where I can play for 12 hours straight and want more. Community is great and developer team is awesome. You will not regret it.


You’re asking people who have mostly already bought the game if it’s worth it, they are going to likely say yes. The cost is $50 and I believe they said the cost once the game goes early access will be $40. So you can pay ten dollars more and play right now during this test and then in a month you can keep playing while we wait for early access in December, or so the estimate says.

I spent hours and hours watching videos on this game and reading to decide if it was worth buying now or waiting until early access or even full release. I think it is but I really want to be in early and give it a try because it looks interesting and like a lot of fun to me. I have not played a test yet so the one tomorrow will be my first.

Well, I’m biased, but I’ll say yes? Haha.

Right now I would say you could easily spend 50 hours just playing from 1-20 doing quests and grinding for gear. Then of course there are dungeons, crafting classes, fishing, exploring, open world and organized PvP, and socializing on top of that. So there’s a ton to do compared to most VR games.


So I just watched a few more videos online and I’m sold haha!
So gonna buy this omg I am super hyped now wow :smiley:


Haha, welcome aboard. Do keep in mind, it is still in Beta, so there will be bugs and crashes and whatnot! But I hope you have a blast tomorrow!

If you haven’t already, join us in the unofficial community discord!

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I haven’t got to play yet. But I have been watching the progress of the game for some time now and it keeps looking better and better. Picked up the founders pack a few days ago.

welcome aboard, glad you joined us.

I would appreciate feedback on the tutorial quests (From NPC Bart) from all you first time players. I will start a new thread tommorow specific to new players and the Tutorial where you can post feedback.


Will do!

Just bought the game and am super excited :smiley:

Welcome :smiley: it’s 100% worth it.

Hmmm, i can´t start it.

The game wil be online in about 45 minuten :). Also can’t start what? The begin screen launcher, or clicking the launch button after that. You should be able to open the launcher and shouldn’t be able to click launch now.

Were you able to get the game to launch? the servers are online now