Is one trackpad wasted? Do we need two movement trackpads?

Anyone feel like we only need one touchpad (making it customizable as to which one in settings) for movement? Cant the other touch pad be used for something different?

No, mostly the trackpads are used for movement and i actually find i move just a bit faster if i use both at the same time, although that may not be true.
The game has made a focus of primarily not using the buttons to increase immersion in game, and when we do need the touchpad, it simply gets disabled on the one hand such as with the runemage class.

yeah, i agree, the runemage would be out of luck if they turned one touchpad into a different function.

I thought I was moving faster with both too. now I think one trackpad moves me slower than the other. I haven’t calibrated the trackpads in a long time. I’ll give that a try today.

I use both track pads for movement at times. They aren’t wasted.

I’m a musketeer though. Vive Mages can only move with one trackpad.

Def try calibrating.

Calibrating fixed it, they both move the same speed now.

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