Is Rupert canon?

Blasphemy. Rupert was long before devs, and the community, he was… sleeping, waiting for his time. In the void, the darkness which engulfes us lately, and he tought us to lash and endure. He was there before you were ICECREEPING he was IN the ice and AROUND the ice and UNDER the ice and he was … oh now I said too much :shushing_face:


Are you suggesting he is more than mere mortality itself? Came to us in mortal form to show us his teachings …

I want to know if there are ancient texts somewhere.

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Based on this completely real and unphotoshopped conversation, yes. Rupert is canon!


@Mathieu_D Care to shed some light on the topic?

I don’t think the devs will confirm or deny anything regarding Rupert, so we can form and keep expanding our own headcanon/ fancanon.

(In all honesty, I don’t even think the devs intended him to be some significant character but just some placeholder to introduce the new shaman class. (Since it’s the standart player model, isn’t i?))

It would be wise of the devs to stay out of it xD Otherwise they’d be @d all day long xD

And is that true? That would make a hell of a lot of sense being the first shaman

I mean, look at the trailer. :man_shrugging: We have 2 (maybe 3) shamans introducing the different totems.
On one hand we have Daynab and on the other the supposingly Rupert, who is just titled as “Test Title jjjj” (and a first person part. But I guess its just “Rupert” or Daynab)

Actually, if there is no dev called Daynab, this could open a whole bunch of doors for fancanons

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Are you suggesting some major event will be happening in the Rupert lore? Which would obviously be Rupert eliminating everyone who will be in the way of his ultimate goal of transcendence into the heart of Cthulhu.


And… while we wander reckoning nothing one foresees the dreadful events yet to come… and it all makes sense now. Thank you wise seeress HotHotProphet !! :open_mouth:

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I dunno man :man_shrugging: Maybe just something super cliché. Maybe Rupert and Daynab once were friends, brothers in arms. The first shamans - developing the shamanic arts, writing the shamanic laws, spreading the shamanic studies. But one fateful day Daynab betrayed Rupert, so he had to become the stronges shaman of all time :man_shrugging:


It would honestly be really cool to see a Rupert reference in the game somewhere.


One of the mini story packs: The Rise of Rupert

Also, Daynab is one of the devs. He’s in the community discord.

Daynab may be a dev, but Rupert is a God.

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Well then. Let’s go even more cliché then!

Daynab: “We have created you! We can kill you at any given time!”

Rupert: “… not anymore”

Original source of image unknown.

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This image is similiar to the rare black & white photo sightings of big foot…
It’s rumoured, as you look out from the dragon race in broken hall then whisper ‘Rupert’ 3 times in the middle of the night as the clock ticks over to 00:00 on the 7th December he will show himself to the worthy




That’s actually Rupert’s Birthday as well so bring a gift :slight_smile:


I noticed Rupert doesn’t have a cape.
I hope he’ll like my present.


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