Is the spell recognition for Runemage way off, or am I just terrible?

I finally got the wand, and have managed to cast maybe two spells in over an hour of trying. I’m literally tracing the runs as the appear in the Journal, and they still fail every time. I even see level 5-6 mages fail Fireball five or six times in a row. Is it really supposed to be this difficult to cast spells, or am I missing something?

What I always say on the Runemage is two things:

  1. Yes, it’s supposed to be difficult, but
  2. Once you are consistent, it will be consistently recognized. The system is bascially “math”, in that if you give it the same input every time you get the same output. But it takes practice to do it right. I can tell you there are people playing the game for a long time now who can cast Fireball with a 95%+ success rate even during a fast fight.

The thing that usually trips people up is that they don’t realize they are drawing in 3D. So the “Z-Plane” (the distance from you) matters as well. Make sure you have your Journal positioned totally vertically and not at an angle when you practice. When you draw the Fireball, if you draw it but before you “submit” the cast, look around at it from the side, you should see all the lines on top of each other, not spread out with some drawn farther away from you than others.

Hope those tips help!


In addition to Riley, I can assure you as an Alpha player that it does get easier, but it takes practice.

Also make sure your journal is straight up, not slanted. That should help.

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I played during the stress tests, and really had no problem. Did they tighten the recognition since then, I wonder?

Depending on which stress test you played during, it may be tighter, yes.

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Thank you for the tips, and the quick response. I’ll keep at it!