Is there a guide somewhere?

Hi, I played Orbus vanilla and I loved how the storyline make us discover new area and new enemy. I have been playing 4 to 5 hours in Reborn and I don’t understand what do I need to do or what is the storyline. Yes I did some mission, yes I did some quest with the dialogue button to talk with NPC, yes I did some event… Is that all ? Do I need to grind 30 level without a storyline ? Im level 14 now and It did not feal the same like Orbus Vanilla was … Did I miss something ?

You have a lot of choice…

  1. you can farm critter missions. The NPC for those missions can be found opposite your player house.
  2. you can do dragon races. The NPC can be found down the ramp in highsteppe underneath the big tree in the middle of highsteppe.
  3. you can do ‘the pvp’. The NPC for ‘the pvp’ can be found in the middle of highsteppe inside the tree.
  4. you can do the public events. The NPC can be found as you walk in to highsteppe after coming out your player house.
  5. you can pewpew enemies. The NPC can be found around the edge of highsteppe.
  6. you can do some salvaging (get the mining pick and run around the overworld). The NPC can be found around the edge of highsteppe.
  7. You can do the main quest. The NPC can be found just outside the gate of highsteppe.
  8. You can decide to do none of these and just kill mobs… if you want… or farm dungeons.
  9. Go fishing watch netflix. NPC can be found around the edge of highsteppe.

It sounds a little bit like you want a lazy guide also. If that is the case there is spoiler material posted around the forums if you wanted that.


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How exactly do you achieve this in a VR game? I’d love to have a mod or something that puts a screen floating I can move about in game, while letting game have priority on controls (so I can still cast and reel in). If such thing exists I’d love for you to bring it to my attention

OVRDrop. Available on steam also.

Ok thank you ! And no I don’t want a lazy guide. I just wanted I guide to begin my adventure. I was just not sure if I miss some important NPC to start the main quest. The main quest just feal less important in comparision with Orbus Vanilla

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if you’re on oculus you can use the oculus dash, if you’re on vive or some other headset then OVRDrop like J said.

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each npc could have story quests if you look for a little dialog in the top right of their menu when you’re talking to them

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Just found out I can pin windows and they stay up after I close the dash. Thanks a lot for that :smiley:

I do kind of agree with OP over the lack of apparent guidance through the game. I never played the original and I don’t want a game that’s going to hold my hand and drag me through it on a linear path, but it would be nice to have some sort of official story to guide you through the game if you choose.

Right now I’ve just been doing missions, farming mobs, dungeons, events and fishing. It’s been great fun and I’m loving the game so far. But I’m currently level 13 and I’ve not really explored much further than traders road, going as far as the fishing lake across the bridge. Whenever I have tried to go to a different area, I’m greeted by enemies with a red cross on them that are too tough for me currently.

Maybe at level 13 the only area I can explore is traders road, but it would be nice to have some sort of story where at level 10 say it sends you to the next area, level 20 the next area again, etc…
The player wouldn’t have to go there if they don’t wish, they could just carry on doing their own thing. But it would allow those that are struggling to know where they can explore like myself to find level suitable mobs and see more of the map.

It could even be something as simple as a 1 mission thing just to get the player into the new area. It could come from the mayor since she’s like the most official person there. Just something like “I’ve had reports of convoys being ambushed in area X, can you go check it out?” or “I need x amount of Y that can be found in new level appropriate area, can you go get them for me?”

The confusing part is that there is a seemingly random mix of scaled mobs and unscaled mobs making it very unclear as to where you can go… You have to look at the mission levels to figure it out right now.

They don’t help much though, I’ve got a level 12 mission to fish eels from the forest, I got there and went to the first body of water I could find, only to be greeted by a few mobs that nearly gave me an express trip back to the closest graveyard. I had to run off and sneak past them to the water to do some fishing.

Yeah that was my problem too… It was not like this in orbus vanilla. The mainstory was design to discover new area with new mobs. Well I guess ill try to grind my level 30 fast then go explore the world after.

Well I gave it another try and doing dungeon with people is amazing. I guess you need to find what your like in the game and focus on it :slight_smile:


Being a legit new player, I have to agree that I am genuinely lost most of the time. I understand that part of the concept is freedom, but what good is being free if you don’t know what you are free to do?

I get there are things to do … but as a new player it would be really handy if there was a little more guidance on “what” and “how” to do some of them. Maybe it is just me, but so far I feel like i’m playing a game, but I don’t know what the point of it is. Even a go kill mob “x” quest is not so handy if you have no idea where they are! I finally had to just start asking random people where they were. Luckily I found someone who remembered where they were and showed me, but that was after running for almost an hour to find them. That, to me, is not fun. To me, at least the start of the game, is just entirely too free. You are overwhelmed with 100% of the spells, etc. for a new class. Learning a new system. Learning a new game. Etc. etc… having something to point you along the way until you figure out what is going on would be great.

Actually, yes.

The Orbus Free Press is a pretty helpful resource for a lot of stuff. It’s in many ways still in progress, but there’s a ton of information there:

Edit: on there, you can find a lot of information about general game principles, classes, npcs, etc., along with a Bestiary that has images and general locations for the various enemies of the game

Edit2: there are also a lot of other resources mentioned in the Community Resources post: Community Resources

Atropos - thanks. I have stumbled upon some stuff digging around, but the links and info are certainly appreciated and helpful! :smiley: Ideally, though, the game should lend itself well for acclimating a new player, especially since VR does not lend itself nearly as well to multi-tasking as standard PC games do. It’s not odd at all to alt-tab during screen based games while playing - it’s not as convenient to try to do so with VR.

Thanks again though!!

have you tried using the interactive map with ovrdrop or oculus dash? sounds like that could help you get around a bit

Quite likely they have a Quest

Edit: because it is quite convenient to use Oculus Dash

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