Is there a way for me to alter my characters appearance or get it reset? Or am I just out of luck ? :(


Hey I was just wondering if there is a way I could redo what my character looks like. I really missed out on a lot of the customization features and really regret my decisions. I am so invested in my current character and really don’t want to restart. Is there a way to redo my character appearance in game or is there a way I could have this reset? I really hope someone has a answer for me on this cause this would really make my day.


There should be a 1 time edit of your appearance in the login screen. If you do not see it you already used it. In the future the devs will very likely add something to change your appearance multiple times. But not for now sadly.


Pretty sure the 1 time edit was only on characters transfered from original orbus.


I really hope that comes soon. That seems to be something that would be really nice to have in the game. :frowning: Maybe it will be out on the June 11th update?


A couple weeks ago Robert told me they will implement some new haircuts and a way so that you can change your character.


Yea very much looking forward to that… I made my character in a hurry since I wanted to get in asap and totally forgot about the body/facial-drag-options.


I did the same out of muscle memory from the Beta lol

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