Is there any way to play the game atm?

just made an account and downloaded launcher and now i get
"Your account does not currently have access to the Alpha Test"
so what is the status about the game, is it playable all time if i pay x money for ?
any hints?
i would realy like to play a demo to se how it feel under the oculus or something.


No. The game is currently not available for play for anyone.

The next Beta test opens later this month.

There is also a mini test later tonight, but any progress you make will be rolled back.

Edit: You also need to pay for the founders level to participate with the closed beta. There is talk of an open beta, but no word on when that will happen.

what a pitty but thank you very much.
so even if i found atm i can´t play …

That’s the nature of beta tests.

I will say it’s worth the wait :slight_smile:

theres a mini test in 30 mins!

Well, you can, but just not right now. In two weeks’ time (October 20th) the servers will be up for a week, and then around three weeks later (November 15th) the servers should almost always be up.

So if you pay for Beta access, you’ll be able to play for quite some time before formal release.

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Server is saying Online (after switching from hotspot to WiFi) , but after trying to log on my char , i find myself in a white space (with sky) , and nothing else around. Is it supposed to be like this ? Must i wait till the 20th?

Yes the servers are down until the 20th, then they will be up until the following Wed the 25th. There is a testing schedule in the wiki and also the blog posts.

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Don’t you mean they will be up until Friday the 27th? That is what it says on the testing schedule.

Wasn’t it untill the 27th?

Riley sure loves messing with us! He’s such a funny guy! :rofl:

Yep, you’re right, it does say til the 27th.

I will be out of town from the 25th thru the 27th for a trip I didn’t realize I would be taking, though. So at this point I will plan on keeping it open until the 27th as originally planned, but hopefully we won’t have any problems since I might not be near a computer those last couple of days.

Oh no! That means you will be absent from our community driven event? We are hosting a drinking night in the tavern on October 27th. I hope at least Outlander can make it. :cowboy_hat_face:


Alcohol and expensive electronics, what could go wrong? :rofl:

I will be around for the test and will be on and off trying to interact with the community and getting feedback, so if you get a random person bugging you and asking what you think of the game while you are trying to kill Redtails, fish, etc. its just me, don’t be alarmed.

In game name is “Outlander”

How do I start this game anyway? $50 paid and no option, no download link?

Step one is complete, where you need to purchase Beta access.

Next you need to wait until Beta Access is open. That happens next on the 20th of this month. (see

Currently the game is not available to play for anyone. You’ll have to wait until the 20th with the rest of us :slight_smile:

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Keep in mind, the base game itself is $40, and is supposed to “launch” later this year. The extra $10 is basically getting you access to the Beta Tests, which aren’t available all the time, but as Allen said above you can consult the testing schedule to find out when they are.

If that wasn’t clear when you bought the game, just send me an email and I can get you a refund, no worries.

No, no refund required. Thank you. Founder is founder. I wasn’t aware that there was a new download link every time the test was made. Sorry for the horrible English… Google translator. My English is not so…

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All right. Thank you very much

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Bruh, I’m totally coming when is it exactly and what time zone?