Island Patch Boost

Hey everyone,
A little late but we activated all server boosts today in celebration of the island patch release!
PS I love my very own Rupert. He has graced me with his presence. Feel free to show off all your new gear and such here! Capture.PNG|690x374


Can’t wait for a Rupert of my own.


I want a jakeee pet

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I heard Riley pet is like 10 times rarer than the chances of an overworld legendary and J ball drop rate in old game multiplied together

(Riley -> Jelly of Rupert’s beauty and power.)

That rupert is not black furred… Rare silver foil rupert?

It’s black but his fur has a healthy shine. Rupert maintains a healthy diet so he can be in peak condition. (I also think it’s part of him trying to be a good role model to his followers.)


What is the supreme diet that Rupert has? :thinking:

Who do you think put out the long term fishing mission? Rupert loves his seafood!

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