Issue on first time login

I bought the game in Steam and when I launch I get a login screen I cant click on. When I made an account on website, its now not linked to what I paid for on Steam.

So when I did the Zipped launcher thing even if I login there it says I dont have the game (Actually says I dont have Alpha Access). Any help appreciated.

Also, I have no special characters in my password.

Zipped launcher? You should be downloading it and launching from steam.

If you had alpha access, you shouldn’t need to buy the game on steam. You would have got an email giving you instructions on how to get either a steam key or an oculus key. (If you did buy the game through steam and you haven’t yet used the email to select a steam/oculus key, you can still use it to get the oculus version for free later so it won’t be a waste.)

Did you actually buy the game direct from the steam store? If you did, you should be able to load the game from your steam library after installing it.

You said you created an account on the website, but you also imply you should have alpha access. It sounds like you might have created two accounts by accident; one with alpha access and a new one which wouldn’t have alpha access.

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Im not saying that I sohuld have alpha access. I bought the game on Steam… Launched it in Steam… and when I put the headset on I see a guy looking at me with a login spot under him. I cant click anything on that login stuff.

Just to be sure, you press the Trigger to extend your finger to “point”, then you press the field with your finger to interact with it. If you’re doing that and still having issues, please let us know and we’ll get some more info from you.

I got it. I was making trigger “point” but I didn’t realize how sharp you had to hit the buttons to active them.

Ok, I get it.

When you mentioned not having “Alpha Access”, I thought you meant that you should have it and don’t for some reason. Logically, if you didn’t qualify for Alpha Access originally, there would have been no reason for you to mention not having Alpha access. That is why I thought you were implying you were supposed to have it. In fact, when you tried to run the game from the zipped launcher, you saw an error message stating “you don’t have Alpha access”.

Anyway, I’m glad you were able to sort out your issue and log in to Orbus. I hope to see you around in-game sometime.

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