Issue with ranger hits not doing damage


I noticed a issue today where some of my hits were not doing any damage. I would hear the noise of the hit and see the animation for the hit but it would do no damage. Also if it was on a poison arrow the enemy would not get poisoned. This was happening sporadically on 1 in 10 shots or less. It was while soloing in the flooded rainforest and the wastelands. I did some shard dungeons too but I don’t know if it was happening there too because there is so much going on its hard to see if every hit registers. It wasn’t a lag issue where the damage would be applied later it just never happened. It was really apparent with the poison arrow which is how I noticed it in the first place.

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I noticed this happening on my archer some in battlegrounds. Pretty sure I Noticed in the overworld when farming some mobs. Hear the hit sound, but no damage taken. For me it was always the first arrow shot though.


It was not the first arrow for me.


Bumping this up because it’s still a huge issue, I’ve seen this more and more over the last month since landru posted it, I did some recording this morning before I had to go out and got quite a few clips of it, I’ll post them later once I’m home


Noticed this as well - found out the damage number was under the ground for w/e reason. I noticed due to some of the damage popping up slight over the ground.


That is a separate issue. This is no damage being done at all. Also very obvious if it is with a poison arrow or charged shot because the DoT/debuff does not get applied.


Ahh. Interesting. I think this has happened to me as well - just thought I missed or hit something else.


So I recorded for around an hour this morning and then went back through it just now and this is all of them that I noticed, also a different bug at the last 17 seconds which I couldn’t be bothered to render separately, if you use a trap on a Tear Minion, it will continue to teleport and follow you but won’t attack, this is super annoying cause it will get in the way and it only takes 1 hit to re-trigger it though that’s not as important as the arrows that do nothing, even happens to the poison which is so bad (happens at 1m15sec)

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This might be lag/latency related? I remember desyncing/crashing on an airship and all my arrows didn’t hit apart from the 2 charged piercing shots i used before relogging.

(I did send the output log and combat logs when that happened to Riley)

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I’ve also experienced this here and there during testing but it was definitely hard to debug, we will investigate more and see what’s going on. Thanks for the video!


It would be great if there was a second person filming who can see if on their side it looks like you are either missing your arrow, not shooting at all or anything else remarkable. :sweat_smile:


I think this happens more when the target is moving, been watching closer as I play since I posted the vid and it feels like its related to mobs moving


I think they were aware of that and made the same conclusions looking at the latest patch (see below). Is it still not working sometimes? I guess that change didn’t fix the bug then.


It’s not changed it for me


Okay with the changes we made to this, it should not really be an issue anymore if the mob is just moving. We’ll try and do some testing on this on our end but if you have some new examples of it please let us know. This is one of those things that’s kind of hard to test precisely because at least in your original video it seemed often to be a paired up case of the mob moving rapidly and you encountering a latency spike, but the change we made should have eliminated that as a possible cause, so it must be something else. (Unless you are having like a truly massive 5-second-plus lag spike, but the ones in the video were only like half a second or a second).

Are you sure it didn’t get better at all? Or it’s just still happening sometimes?


I’ll record again later when I’m running public events as it’s easier to notice when I watch it back rather than when I’m in the middle of stuff


I noticed today getting Scoundrel ranks multiple times while the mob did not get damaged. So it hit the mob but didn’t at the same time? Maybe related to the ranger problem of arrows not hitting?


This is still happening btw, haven’t been recording to show but it is still an issue