Issues found after Head Start launch

There’s a duplicate line on the Noah’s Ark quest, “Slay Almas Sprite”, but it’s not the same mob, as the second line isn’t registering my kills.

We are tracking this bug, it was a mistake on my end with the new naming of the monsters, the second “Almas Sprite” should be the Forest Golems. This will be fixed in the build for friday.

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Sounds good Robert, thanks :slight_smile:

Spellcheck, “If we were to be attacked”

Discovered a new species… it’s a Ratbird… or a Redtailed squirrel… unsure :smiley:

I still get the issue with the Vive that after i go through a door or use stairs that the directional locomotion via touchpad cuts out until after I use a teleport jump then it works again.

Same issue here whit vive also, for example when i enter to the kitchen house of Chef Letrow, i can’t move anymore whit the trackpad before cliking once on it.

I also get the movement stuck bug that was mentioned by u guys

I got this fixed and should be good on Friday, let me know if you find any where else like this, thanks

In the same type but not verry urgent, you have an issue when you get close to a door or a chest whit locomotion (ex: in the player house especially the donwstairs door and the equipement chest) you get stop by a limit which is normal, but the distancy where you are stopped varies depending on the your position in the room scale irl, in some casses you get stopped far before the lenght of an arm to open the door or the chest, so you need to do few steps irl to get in the right distancy. This result on a less fluid and breaking 2 stage movement.
I guess this is in place to prevent player to go out of boundery’s no matter what you do but maybe the limitation should be related to the player head/avatar, and when you try to pass it whit irl movement it should push you back.

Tried it today its much better thanks. Haven’t gotten stuck once.

awesome let me know of any other specific spots you find its easier for me if you tell me where it happens for me to track down the problem.

This is likely very dependant upon the length of the players name, but the ? wrapped down to the next line.

Found a wasp stuck at the entrance to New Kingsport. Our attacks went unnoticed and it ignored us completely as we walked through it.

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