Issues Logging in on Oculus Store Version


Hey everyone,

We’re tracking an issue right now where launching the game via the Oculus Store is resulting in it not working properly and just displaying a “Loading…” message. I assume this has something to do with the current global Facebook instability going on:

We’ll keep you posted.


I believe this should now be fixed.


Not sure if it’s fixed yet. I was dumb enough to uninstall Orbus to see if it would fix it, but now it doesn’t get past downloading completely. RIP


Oh, well I’m just basing it off of the fact that it seems to be working for me now, it’s entirely possible they are still having some general issues with the Oculus store. Sorry :frowning:


Yeah it says there’s an update for Orbus and I can’t get past the download for that. I assume the update, if there is actually one, is just updating the news feed on the left at the character select screen to display today’s Reborn Spotlight blog post.


Oh and I don’t recommend logging out of your account on the Oculus client for anyone else experiencing this issue. I couldn’t use my Oculus at all once I logged out and it took quite a few tries to get logged back in. The issue with Orbus updating was still present afterwards though, so I can’t log in to the game yet.