Issues with movement system in Beta 3



So it’s been quite a while since I played Orbus, but I remember the slide + teleport option not being so limited. Hunted down a few mobs in the beta today and noticed that I had an incredibly difficult time getting squared up with the mob I want to fight while playing as Warrior. Most of the time they run straight inside me and then because of some anti-flee measure, I get no teleport space and am stuck in place unless I physically in real life move back. Noticed this especially with the staff wielding mobs that run, and then you’re stuck stutter walking trying to catch up. I can’t tell if it’s just me that has this issue or if other people find it jarring as well. Would it be too much to ask to allow direct movement even heavily slowed when the stamina bar or whatever is out? At least for us melee players? Because they always run inside my reach and my back is already up against my real wall I end up taking quite a few hits before I can get the mob in reach of my sword instead of my armpits. Maybe they just really wanted to see if I was wearing Old Spice …